We offer following products:

SBC windows & doors

offer quality windows and doors. Quality products from SBC windows & doors are manufactured to withstand fluctuations in weather and other influences.

SBC windows & doors have placed great emphasis on quality in the selection of suppliers of wood materials, fittings and painting, and the overall product’s functionality.

Vision and business concept

The company’s highest priority is to fulfill the expectations and requirements from customers and shall be characterized for quality, both technically and administratively.


SBC windows & doors use modern technical equipment and data programs.
Through the company’s quality system and working methods, we live up to the company standard “best in practice” with emphasizes a continuous improvement and customer’s satisfaction.

Glass from both Saint – Gobain and Pilkington are used in the production.

The environment

SBC windows & doors are in a process of being Eco labeled. This means that we follow the Eco’s criteria regarding waste, energy and recycling.

This also includes our suppliers; they must show environmental reports/action plans.